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Author's Biography

“Nano” is a talented kids´ books writer, his passion and dedication have been amazingly expressed in all his books, he started writing in high school and after leaving his place of birth ( Lebanon ), passed by Switzerland, and then finally reached South America ( Venezuela ) which became his second home. All these journeys made him realize that innocence connotes happiness, while writing these stories he transforms into a little kid trying to get rid of his present-day problems through fictional superheroes, like Danny and Charly two adventurer dogs, Zumba the magic turtle, etc. 

Besides writing, “Nano” is a teacher and works as a freelance translator.


"Come and live my imagination, swaying spots of letters into words, magically turning them in fantastic stories where beautiful creatures come alive. Heroes, legends take a form and all together shine my children’s mind with magic and creativity… Come, come, wizard of words…”